About 1,000 people at the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria and U.S. Consulates in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg work daily with South African partners to improve the lives of South Africans and deepen the economic and cultural ties between our nations.

The interactive U.S. Projects in South Africa website was designed and developed to features all current and past projects of the U.S. Mission in South Africa. U.S. Projects in South Africa represents 28 U.S. government departments that help fund and facilitate the effort to eliminate HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and foster the educational, economic and civic institutions that underpin South Africa’s democracy.

The U.S. Mission regularly sponsors workshops on entrepreneurship, small- and medium-sized enterprise development and management of non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, it administers a variety of educational and professional exchanges and shepherd students interested in U.S. universities through the enrollment process. Beyond merely capturing U.S. projects in South Africa, the objective of this website is to offer people the information they will need to become involved in projects in their area.