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Kor –  International Film & Stills Production

Kor is a Los Angeles based water bottle company that is focused on celebrating and preserving the planet by reducing single use plastic water bottles.

Gucci – Ambassadeur

The Ambassador was written by South African novelist, André P. Brink, between November 1962 and August 1963, when he was 27 years old. It is set in Paris in the 1960’s and was a literary protest to the injustice of apartheid during that period.

Gucci – Seven Days at the Silbersteins

The Italian luxury brand Gucci collaborated with South African literary lifestyle journal, Ambassadeur, to create a unique photo-essay where fashion meets literature. This photo-essay was photographed and produced by The Suits Communications.


Ambassadeur is an annual literary lifestyle journal featuring art, adventure, makers, literature, fashion and more.


Amidst the onslaught of international retailers hitting South African shores, a refreshing new local initiative is daring to be different. In a time of unprecedented fashion clutter and pop-culture noise, Refinery presents an authentic, honest fashion retail store for aspirational young adults, eliminating everything that is non-essential and instead focusing on curating the detail of each apparel item.



Emerce is an international company that focuses on providing people with fully independent renewable energy systems that address challenges such as climate change by fostering a commitment to sustainability and green energy.